Essentials Collection

Sterling silver chains, necklaces, bracelets and earrings along with Italian tassels are the perfect complement to all Kary Kjesbo Designs collections and incorporate well into any wardrobe. Most of this collection can be worn in several different styles.








Signature Line

Kary Kjesbo Designs most recognizable collection incorporates vintage and antique found objects. English medals, antique credit tokens, Victorian pocket watch chains and one of Kary’s favorite finds, post Civil War love tokens, are all objects she discovers to create this distinctive jewelry line.









Chains + Pearls & Chains + Stones

A contemporary line of jewelry with an industrial feel combines sterling silver chains with South Sea and fresh water pearls and exceptional gemstones. These pieces are versatile and add a great pop of color and texture to any wardrobe.








Steel + Leather

Striking leather cuffs, wrap bracelets and belts add just the right amount of edge. Designed with one-of-a-kind found objects from 1920s French cut steel shoe clips to WWII pilot wings distinguish this impressive and original line.


Steel + Leather Belts

Made from supple leather and nickel or brass studs these signature belts will be your daily fashion choice. The leather dyes and lots change seasonally so there will be variations in color.


Commissioned Pieces

Kary Kjesbo Designs' collectors often commission pieces or design their own, which distinguishes Kary Kjesbo Designs from any other custom jewelry. Please contact us for information about commissioning jewelry.